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Stonehenge's Jamming Band

We are a Global Collective of 156.000 people so far, all those that have attended the Solstices and Equinox's at Stonehenge.The main event is the Summer Solstice held on the longest day of the year around June 20th-21st.We make music together and have fun.It is limited to acoustic sound only as it is a Sacred Site in the United Kingdom of Great Britain and Northern Ireland.#WeLoveYou

Celebrating Peace&Love Throughout The Whole World

We Stand For Peace,Hope,Faith and Love.For Respect and Understanding.For Kindness and Humility. For Forgiveness and Mercy. For an Egalitarian Future. For Sisterhood and Brotherhood.For Compassion and Empathy. For The Community of The Whole Earth and Galaxy. For Most of All For Each Other

Summer Solstice.

We Welcome you to come and join in..many parents bring their children and we have lots of aspiring musicians.Many people play drums and bring tambourines or add their voices as we play all through the night at the Summer Solstice.



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